Bio Skin Solution combines a synergistic blend of herbs to provide an effective and safe all-round solution for skin & wound healing. Using water as a base, it is easily absorbed & used by the skin. As there is no alcohol used in any part of manufacture, it is safe for even the most sensitive of skin.

How does it do this?

Our special blend of herbs are high in antioxidants, demonstrate strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory activity and have been studied to show they are able to increase rate of skin cell regeneration and reduce time taken for wound healing.


Mangosteen skin extract is naturally rich in antioxidants making it highly effective at removing free radicals which damage our cells (even when we are not injured). This reduces oxidative stress on our body and promotes skin regeneration.

Mangosteen skin has been proven to have powerful anti-microbial properties. It is even able to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria and inhibit biofilm production. This helps prevent infection & promotes speedy wound recovery.

Another benefit is its powerful anti-inflammatory effects. By rapidly reducing inflammation of the wound, mangosteen skin extract accelerates the process of wound recovery.

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