According to Dr. Trinh Thanh, a specialist in gastrointestinal medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University Hospital, many young people now almost do not care about health, not "precious" life so sick when the age life is very young.


If you feel the following signs, please seek medical attention immediately:

  • Taste changes
  • Weight loss
  • Black stools
  • Frequent abdominal pain
  • Full of air

If your doctor advises you to do gastroesophageal endoscopy, do not refuse or be subjective with this requirement. When in doubt, endoscopy is the most effective screening solution for early detection and timely intervention.


Learn how to take care of your stomach like a baby

Taking care of the stomach, maintained in the most healthy state is not difficult, anyone can do. These are the most important solutions:


          1. Eat 3 meals a day, on time, in the right amount

The stomach is a special organ. They will tell you when you are hungry if you do not eat on time, in the right amount.

In addition, stomach contents also work in principle, punctual throughout the day. They digest the food to digest, performing every step that it "takes charge of." Therefore, you definitely have to eat right time, right meals throughout the day, especially avoid the phenomenon of eating too full, eat fast food.

Besides, Gastric fluid in the stomach is also work principle, punctual  throughout the day. They are secreted to digest food, performing every step that it "takes charge of".

Therefore, you definitely have to eat right time, right meals throughout the day, especially avoid the phenomenon of eating too full or fasting.

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          2. Limit foods that cause irritation

The stomach is also very sensitive to heat. Food that is too hot or too cold are the agents that damage the gastric mucosa.

When the human body experiences cold air, the stomach may also develop a muscle spasm, which can cause indigestion, obstructing the activity of the stomach, leading to stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea. and other symptoms.


          3.Limit late night supper

Normally, you should eat dinner before 8h, it is best to eat in the 7pm every day. Overnight eating not only makes you heavier, sleepier, but also makes your stomach "overtime". Maintaining this habit will cause the stomach to overwork, leading to ulcers and other related diseases.


          4. Eat slowly, chew it thoroughly

The factor to have a healthy stomach is that you have to eat slowly, chewing thoroughly according to the principle of the front as well as how well the rear part is more favorable. The mouth chewed hard, the stomach had to work a lot.

When chewing, the oral cavity is stimulated to increase salivary secretion, which is beneficial to the digestive process, the body absorbs better nutrition.







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