Generally, most diabetic patients are taking diabetes symptoms too lightly, thinking that with diabetes medication or insulin to control the blood sugar it is more than adequate. But have you ever wondered why the continuous usage of the drug medication will further lead to more severe side effects, for instance, pancreatic failure, foot gangrene, kidney failure, blindness and heart failure. Eventually this causes more financial burden and too much of family member dependence.


Though blood sugar reading may be under control with medication, but the main problem lies in the excess of glucose still remaining in body and normally stored in the muscles. Excess sugar continue to accumulate over time and eventually causing blood circulation issue, which leads to bigger problems, for instance, kidney failure, foot gangrene, liver problem, blindness and heart failure.



The function of  in diabetes case is to gradually flush out of excessive glucose and toxins out from body, enhance organs functionality (repair and restore main organs and pancreas function) and encourage blood circulation. During healing process, some diabetic patient may experience even higher reading than before (for a very short period) but importantly the body condition is normal, more energetic and do not feel any discomfort. However, do not be alarmed as this is a common phenomenon during flushing out of excessive glucose and toxins out from body. The blood sugar reading will eventually drop naturally when our overall main organs function is revived to optimal condition.  On the contrary, some diabetic patient experience drop in sugar reading within a short period.

Overall, the diabetic patient would feel more energetic and revitalized, fatigue, tiredness are alleviated, improve sleep quality, improve blood circulation and alleviating sickness condition.


Diabetic patients are encouraged to reduce the medication dosage or insulin jabs gradually once they have experienced the drop in blood sugar reading and better body condition resulting from a much improved overall body system function, especially the pancreas. Eventually get rid of all the medication by just taking .







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